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Hello dear friends,

Welcome to Zip Zap video status making app family. To tell you about V3, which is our organization name. The journey of V3 has begun a year ago only. i.e. in 2021. We are just t wo websites old till now. Actually, V3 is an organization run by women. It is built to encourage women empowerment, which you can see in our Quotes section too, where we have created a special category called Attitudes Quotes For Women, i.e. Ooh Womaniya, Hope the women who are members of our Zip Zap family like it. And that's a special gift from a women oriented organization to all our dear women. So, three cheers to womanhood!!

Mission : The motto of starting V3, is to prove your own self and build your own identity, which I think is very important for every single girl out there. So, wish us luck to create our own world. But my dear friends, as we are new in this techy field, we still have to learn things, and definitely must be wrong somewhere, which with time, my dear friends will definitely try to to improv. ( You definitely can tell us know our mistakes / faults, you definitely can write to us in our Get In Touch With Us section.) And as we just have started our new journey of our new life, there are lots of hurdles to cross, lots of things to learn from, and lots of things to achieve. And in this, if there are few mistakes, so please my dear friends, kindly try to forgive us with your magnanimous heart. And we definitely will be working on it, and will try our level best to provide you better and better content. Need your good wishes guys, so that we can provide you the content of your choice. So, be a part of our family and strengthen our arms, and encourage and motivate us to provide you better. Thanks a lot,V3 Team.

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