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Who We Are

At ZeNiche we offer a comprehensive journey to teach, mentor, support and build confidence in individuals looking to change their lifestyles. Much like personal training this method of going on the journey vice reaching a destination will encourage you to continue this lifestyle change into the future. Whether we want to admit it or not when we look good we feel much more confident in ourselves, and we begin to carry ourselves differently. ZeNiche is in this for the long haul, as we look to build lasting relationships with our customers. We understand that seasons change and we change along with them (bodies, mindsets, and motivation) and we can be available during any of those seasons to keep you motivated and looking and feeling good. Personal styling is no longer only for the rich or celebrities, it is available to anyone who is willing to invest in themselves! Ready to change your life? Ready...Set...Style!

Denise is a fun-loving and ridiculously energetic person. She spent 9 years as an IT serving in the United States Navy, and then continued her IT profession for the Department of the Army for now 5 years. Her love for fashion bloomed the day that she left the Armed Forces, and she has been on a mission since then to help people cultivate and grow their confidence through finding their own unique styles. Dressing the outside of people is not her only passion though. The inside of a person and how they see and love themselves is of upmost importance. She is dedicated to helping others become beautiful inside and out!

Founded : 2019

Founder : Denise Lucena-Martinez

Mission : To unlock and unleash individuals to create and maintain a unique style that enhances confidence on the job, vacation, special occasions, and everyday life!

weburl : https://www.lipsum.com/

The ZeNiche Way

Journey to ZeNiche

Phase 1:This is where the journey begins! *Appointment*Consultation*Path determination*Program customizationSee our  appointment page to see availability and book online now!***Pricing will be discussed during consultation!***

Phase 2:This is our most important phase. This week you will be asked to upload pictures of yourself wearing what you would normally wear throughout the week. Asking questions and honest dialogue is crucial in this phase as this phase helps us to determine the path forward. What things do we want to keep the same, and what things do we want to change? Here is what phase two consists of:*Observation/Research*Daily Check-ins via Zeniche App*Daily photo uploads via Zeniche app*Weekly challenge*Feedback from client*Feedback from stylist*Analysis of observations (7th day)*Discuss path forward/changes

Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping Service

For the customer who just wants to look good without the hassle there is an option for you too! Hire ZéNíche to shop for you, and all you will have to do is grab and go!Services:*Conservative-- wardrobe budget of $100-$150 =1 hr of service          *Moderate-- wardrobe budget of $200-$250=2 hours of service         *Premium-- wardrobe budget of $300 or more=3+ hours of service          ***Please set up a consultation for service pricing***


'ZeNiche dresses kids!!!!!'


Contact Us

Email : [email protected]

Website : https:\\zenichestyle.com