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About Us

Voltage Tools is dedicated & focused on making the hardest of jobs a little easier.  We do this with quality and top notch service backed by years of experience in the field, building calluses.  

While you're risking your life to keep the lights on for us, we'll be right there to have your back in any way we can.  With our 24/7 Emergency Response Program we'll be right there with you to make sure the tools you need are nearby, even when the wind blows & the shit flies! 

We have developed this app to create an easy method for Lineman to network, away from Social Media, along with a host of features to make your life easier.  Our goal is to help you achieve your full potential through the power of organization & awareness.  Within the app you'll be able to:
- Manage & Update your account
- Manage Rewards Points
- Place orders for Tools, PPE, Apparel, Safety Supplies & More
- Request warranty repairs
- Mark locations for:
  - Show-up & lay down yards
  - Active storm calls
- News Feed: view latest & greatest from Voltage Tools & our Partners
- Suggestion Box: Make anonymous and signed suggestions - tool /product ideas, app bugs & ideas, etc.
- Windshield Time: Seek honest opinions & reviews of Contractors, Supervisors & Employees.  Giving Employees & Employers a mutual place to fairly resolve grievances or disputes, clear up the rampant rumor mill (also known as the Linemans Underground Network), and leave honest reviews of our peers.  
- Linemans Undergound Network: Forum board to discuss various topics from jobsite discussions to tool reviews, lineman events, fundraisers and more.
- Journal: A digital journal to record your daily events.  Use this to track jobsite progress, as a COYA to document details throughout projects, or use to record your feelings for mommy.  But seriously, we don't care what you use it for..
- Certificate Log: A digital log to track all of your important documents, training certificates, licenses, union ticket, medical cards, etc.  Set reminders for renewals, appointments, upcoming training & more!  
- Medical Log: A digital log to track all of your important & confidential medical documents.  We will try to integrate with Medical Insurance Providers so that all of your medical history, insurance status, hour bank and related insurance information and documents is in one central place!    
- Previous Employers Log: A digital log to track all of your employers, previous & current.  Use this to give to your future employer and make your paperwork easier or as a checklist at tax time to ensure you received all of your W2's or simply to track the jobs you've been on over the years.  
Butthurt Report: If you're deep in your feelings or feeling froggy, fill out this report.  Caution: Don't be surprised if we use this to publicly make fun of you.    
BetterHelp: We will be working with BetterHelp to bring counseling to you!  All jokes aside, Mental Health is very important, if not most important.  While the most over used saying in almost any construction industry is "Safety First", we firmly believe that Mental Health comes first and is top priority.  Men are placed under so much pressure, generally not only by society but also themselves.  Men often feel we are not allowed to have feelings nor share the one we might have spared ourselves.  When in reality we men have feelings and a lot of them.  While we may ignore them, they are still there and they require attention more often than not.  Sometimes we feel we have no one to talk to or no one that can relate to what we are feeling or the stress we are under, which is not untrue.  No one can feel exactly what you are feeling, not even your twin sibling; however we are here to do our best to help find someone who can relate.  A counselor who may have life experience as a lineman or within a construction industry, those whom have travelled or "tramped" around and faced relationship challenges as a result, those who struggle with PTSD or have overcome life altering workplace injuries or accidents they witnessed, etc.  We have partnered with BetterHelp to help find Mental Health Professionals who can relate with similar life experiences and/or struggles.   
Safety 101: Webpage geared towards bringing you the latest news in the world of Safety!  Regulation changes & additions, MSDS sheets, best practices, virtual trainings & certificates, new ergonomic procedures or tools, safety form examples & more!  You will also be able to sign up for and request specific on-site or classroom training within the app and make suggestions for trainings that are not currently available.
IBEW Power Hour: Stay up-to-date with all the newest information from the IBEW!  Contact information, local jurisdiction maps, historical & current wage & benefit summaries, historical & current contracts, safety rules, grievance forms & procedures, make site visit requests, purchase local specific apparel and more!

I started my professional career early on, in mischievous ways; often times ending in a call home from school wondering where I was.  Unlike many kids skipping school, I was working and tackling a variety of tasks within the family business, quickly giving the ol man a ride on easy street as I took over more and more responsibilities.  That motivation and inspiration from a young age coupled with my experiences along the way have pushed me to discover new ways to help others lives become easier.  While most overlook making Blue Collar Workers lives easier as a result of greed, we are focused on making a change and helping those that keep us out of the dark.       

Founded : 2023

Founder/CEO : Brian Monaweck

Vision : Our mission is to create a solution to make Lineman's lives easier by giving them a central place to organize, track, manage and maintain the chaos called life.

phone : (269) 967-5493

Contact Us

Address : 1632 Michigan Ave E Battle Creek, MI 49014

Email : [email protected]

Website : http://www.voltagetools.com

+1(269) 719-2230

Facebook : facebook.com/voltagetools