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About Us

Us at UniqueCanadaNFT strive to deliver quality NFTs for everyone at an affordable price!

We strongly believe everyone should be able to afford to collect, trade, share and profit from non-fungible tokens!

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Father of 5, Digital Marketer, Content Creator, NFT Creator!Diamond driller with a dream of building a network of people who share likeminded ideas NFT and Crypto related.

Founded : 2022

Founder : Robert Trudel

🔥WINNERS🔥 : Xxdj.davexx - Ethereum NFT Winnerhttps://www.instagram.com/xxdj.davexx/

weburl : https://www.lipsum.com/


Address : Ontario, Canada

Email : [email protected]

Website : https://landing.appypie.com/uniquecanadanft