Old 4 Good

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Description: Once you download this app you will be directed to the homepage. There you will see 4 parts. These parts include a survey, about us, contact us, and, most importantly, booking. In booking, you will give us details that can help us pick up your item. This can include the time or the location of where we should pick up this item.

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About us

Donating your old belongings can be a lifesaver for underprivileged families and our earth. However many people don't have an easy and accessible way to donate their old belongings. They may not find time to go out to donate or might be too lazy. We have noticed this problem in our community and hope to solve this issue with this app.

Founded : 2022

Co-founder : Hisham

Mission : We hope to donate those items you no longer need to charities and good causes that are close to you. One positive effect that we hope to see from our project is our community increasing its donations. We hope that our group will make it easier to donate which therefore will help increase the number of donations to local charities.

Contact Us

Email : [email protected]