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How To Use

Purpose of App
This app is primarily focused on providing an easy way for you to scan our store's portals, get the points, and then spend them on the items you love whether you're here or at one of our participating partners online and off! 

How to Scan a QR Code or Enter a Secret Code to get points
It's all about the points. You get 10 One Retail QR Portal scans a day. Most of our participating locations in-person and online have some kind of QR code you can scan to receive points. 

Step 1
Simply press "Rewards" on the main menu. This will bring you to the scanning page.

Step 2
99/100 times it'll be a QR Code you're looking for. Passcodes are very uncommon.
Press "Validate by scanning the QR Code," this will bring up your camera, point your camera at the QR until it reads. You will get a success confirmation and your account will receive and now reflect the additional points. 
You can do this at 10 of our locations a day currently. 
The points earned here are redeemable at any one of our stores, online stores, but also our partner's stores and businesses. 

Redeeming Points
Each store is different, but you should be able to go up to a One Retail Partner and ask for a redemption, and get it. 
Simply click "Redeem it" and then validate with QR or Passcode.

Deals & Coupons
Coupons come weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and periodic in this app. You can take these coupons to participating partners to redeem. Sometimes, the coupon is actually a scratch card, and you'll win prizes. Those will be shipped to you.

Deals are similar to coupons, however they can come from our partners too, so always make sure to stop by!

Digital Punch Card
some participating accounts will allow you to punch a card for certain or repeat items. Once you hit the required amount of holes needed, you'll get a free reward! 

Additional Features
We also send you special coupons, deal alerts, flash sales, and tasks you can complete for more points! 

Store List
We only add accounts that take part in this app's program. So if you want to find a place that has some points available, the Store List would be a massive help!