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Castro y Gambino


"Nasty Gambino" was born in Mayagüez and raised in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Descended from Puerto Rican parents, his father is from Añasco and his mother from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. At the age of 12, Gambino's parents decided to move to New York. Gambino was surrounded by family members who helped spark his interest in music at a very young age.

Gambino always had a desire to become a famous rapper. While attending high school, he formed a musical group called "Syko Kaos" with Lobo Lansky. The group produced two mixtapes titled "DJ Lobo No Fear" and "War Underground". Gambino has worked with other talented artists in the beginning of his musical career such as Twenty40 and Domi. Gambino's musical influences range from Vico C, Ruben DJ Rap, Wiso G, Wu Tang Clan, DMX, Big Pun, Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur.

Founded : 2022

Founder : Andres Gonzalez

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weburl : https://www.lipsum.com/