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About Us

Here at NUPE we stand for Social Justice and Fair Representation of all members. We advocate for members in their employment and we look to achieve the best and safest outcomes in your work. We are here for our members (you!).

At NUPE we will advocate for you. we will be available to represent you. We will listen your situation and look to achieve the best solution to the problem you are facing.

Founded : 1992

Why choose us? : -

phone : +(03) 377 3582

Our People

NUPE has an amazing team. this is just the tip of the iceberg for our people. For every member that joins they are also included into the team. We will listen to you, we will work alongside you, and get the best outcomes for you.

Janice is the secretary and also an organiser with NUPE. Janice has worked for NUPE since 1998. Just prior to her employment with NUPE she had returned to university as an adult student where she completed a BA in Social Policy. Industrial Relations was a major component of the degree. Janice has always had a passion for justice, to see people kept safe, and treated fairly in their workplace.

Secretary : Janice Gemmell

weburl : [email protected]

Chat with us

Email is great and all but it can get cluttered and hard for our organisers to hear from you so we have come up with a possible action to solve this. Group-chats. As NUPE has so many members however, getting you all in seperate group-chats may be a struggle. The solution we have come up with is all of the delegates will be in a group-chat together where we will send updates and information that the delegates can share with you.

The primary way of us contacting the delegates will be through Whatsapp. I will have a link posted for you to download it and you will be added to a groupchat with other delegates.

Whatsapp : .

Delegates Info

The union delegate is the glue of our Union

A delegate is a person who works alongside members in the workplace. A delegate is the link between members and the NUPE office.

A delegate will attend delegate training, where they will gain an overall understanding of their responsibilities and obligations in the workplace.

It is intended that a delegate will be able to assist in growing the union in their workplaces.

Be able to explain the role of the Union and the benefits of membership to prospective members.

Have an understanding of current and proposed health and safety laws and regulations

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