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About Us

Choice Auto Sales is a Pre-owned Vehicle Broker/Dealer that offers cars, Trucks and SUV's to the general public. I aquire vehicles with repeatable and logical process I have put together over time to ensure I make the best possible decisions when I invest in my inventory. Mechanical condition is first on my list. I do not purchase any vehicles that need serious work and repair. There are plenty of cars out there for me to research and find the best cars for my business to offer my customers. Cars must Checkout to be mechanically strong and reliable. 

Another requirement for me is purchasing cars based on need and popularity. I must offer my customers automobiles that they want to own and drive everyday. I want my inventory to be desirable as well as affordable. In my experience,  I have made the Sales process much more enjoyable for the consumer. 

I have changed the way typical and "Old School" Car Dealers and Car sales people have   is to offer 

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