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Description: BuddyUp app was created using Appy Pie, World's #1 App Builder for creating Android & iPhone Apps. It is a A category app. Click below to download the BuddyUp app.

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About Us

We are a team of AI enthusiasts, dedicated to revolutionizing the way you obtain information and assistance.

Our app offers you the convenience of texting a friend, but with the added benefit of receiving expert-level guidance on a diverse range of subjects, from wound treatment to culinary arts to philosophical inquiries to dating advice and more.

Our AI technology is highly advanced and constantly evolving to provide you with accurate and relevant information, no matter the topic. Say goodbye to endless web searches and unreliable sources, and hello to instant access to knowledge and expertise.

We believe that AI has the power to enhance our lives and make information more readily available to everyone. That's why we've created this app - to provide you with a seamless and convenient way to obtain the answers and guidance you need, whenever you need it.

Try our app today and experience the future of information and assistance.

A human. Being

Founded : 2023

Founder : Siddharth Das

Mission : To provide users with instant access to expert-level knowledge and guidance on a diverse range of subjects, through the convenience of a highly advanced AI technology.

email : [email protected]